Workshops & Meetings

Aligning the thinking in a room is no simple task. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen closely to what is being discussed and to translate it into a visual manner that reflects the key elements of the session.

Once a solid foundation is laid, these key visuals can then be used to spring board into other communication avenues or documents adding layers of insight that goes way beyond language alone.


If the size of your event means that a speaker will be speaking to a vast audience, we can provide visualisers to capture the content of a talk live in a mural.

These act as a focus pointduring breaks for attendees to see the talk brought to life, and refresh their memories of the vast amount of content presented. In the past we have used live-feeds/projectors to show our working on a large screen whilst the talk is in progress, as well as creating printed versions live on site, to hand out as souvenirs to the audience members.


Bringing ideas to life is at the core of what we do, and what better way to do it than by making them fly! Working to a script, we can film or animate a visualiser drawing up the essence of your idea that can then be used in any number of ways. Engage with your audience on a deeper level, or spread further through your viral campaign, whatever it is you seek to do we can help you do it.

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Once you have your idea firmly agreed it may be necessary to take it to the next level of production. We offer a wide-range of specialist design services to cover your needs and our clients love having someone consistently involved along the journey from the conception to the delivery of your idea.

We always start with a drawing, where we go next is up to you.

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